Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a harsh continent

You know you're heading to a harsh continent when you leave your house on Sept 27th and you don't make it to Antarctica until Oct 9th. I spent a day and a half in Denver CO going through orientation, two very long boring days. On the 29th we left Denver, flew to LA where we quickly switched planes and get onto a Quantas flight to Auckland New Zealand. Once in Auckland, we went through customs and walked to the domestic terminal. Here I had my first taste of Kiwi style beer and it was surprisingly tasty. Soon after we jumped on a small plane to Christchurch NZ. I was origanly suppose to be there for about two days, but because it is a harsh continent we were held up for over a week waiting for weather to allow ou military C-17 to be able to land in Antarctica. On our first attempt to make it down here, we boomeranged 4:30 hours into the flight, mind you it's a 5 hour flight to make it down here. So that day I had the pleasure of sitting in a military plane for over 9 hours. Luckily two days later we were able to make it down here. The first moments out of the plane, I was in complete disbelief that I had made it down to Antarctica. Actually the first few days down here were like this. Eventually I came to grasp the situation and began to make the most out of this great adventure. The following pictures were taken while I was stuck in NZ. I'll post pictures from down here within a few days. If anyone has anything they would like to see, or questions let me know.


Grandpa said...

Hey Nick we would love to see a picture of a penguin if you can get close enough.

kira said...

hi nick we just talkedto you and you sounded like a sick robot.. so nice to hear from you we are thinking about you lots. love barbara larry kai and kira