Thursday, November 6, 2008


New Zealand and my flight to Antarctica

The last Sunset/Sunrise for the season

Inside of one of Scott's huts at Hut Point

Wendell Seals

Scott's Hut from the end of the point and McMurdo in the foreground

My Living quarters for the next 4 months


Girlfriend said...

Wow, great photos! You'll have to get a close-up of a seal!
What's the blue thing between the 2 bunk beds?

maryn said...

Hi! This is Mary Nowak! I will be writing you soon!

maryn said...


I am a friend of your Aunt Faye. We work at the same school. She has shared a lot of your adventure with me.

I have enjoyed your pictures and comments about Antarctic life.

My second graders are doing a project on the polar regions of the world. Would you mind if some of them posted on your blog?

With their parents monitoring them, they may enjoy bloggging with a person experiencing this harsh but fun life first hand.